Sankar De- BTR 286

I wanted to tell you about some very special help, and support I recently received from several members of the BTR staff in a moment of critical need. I had a bad fall in my lawn last Wednesday (March 28) morning. It was a freak accident, but it resulted in a couple of cuts in the head and, as was discovered later, also a hairline fracture in the left palm. The bleeding from the head injuries left me disoriented. Though I managed to get back into the villa, I was all alone. I live by myself and a maid who usually comes in the morning was on leave that day, making the situation worse. I badly needed help, but was in no condition to call anyone or ask for help. An electrician, Ramesh, who was passing by at the time, noticed my condition, and alerted some in the clubhouse, including Sudhakar who came by. I was not alert enough at the time to notice the arrangements being made from that point onward, or the people making them. But the BTR ambulance was summoned, and within an hour of the accident I was on my way to the emergency ward of the nearest full-service hospital (Apollo DRDO) escorted by two BTR security staff, one of them a supervisor. They stayed with me during the entire hospital visit, received instructions for my care from the attending doctor, and also paid the hospital bill when I was discharged (I carried no money at the time of the accident). I should also mention that, prior to the trip to the hospital, a housekeeping boy from the clubhouse had been called in who changed my outer wear for me (from a blood-stained singlet to a clean t-shirt), cleaned up the floor of the living room where I sat bleeding, and locked the villa as we were leaving, though none of this registered with me at the time. It was only later that I came to know that the BTR security chief, Mr. Prasad, had coordinated all the arrangements, perhaps in association with some clubhouse staff. Unknown to me, Mr. Prasad even advanced the money for the hospital bill. He also arranged for a security person to stay with me in the afternoon after my return from the hospital, probably because I seemed to be showing signs of a delayed reaction to the shock of the accident and bleeding. He even had a security person spend the night in my villa, though I protested that it was not necessary. What Mr. Prasad, his staff, and perhaps others I am not even aware of, did for me on that day one could expect perhaps only from close relatives. As it happens, I do not have a single relative living in Hyderabad. As it turned out, I did not need one on that day. What made the experience truly special, and in fact overwhelming just to remember, is that all of this happened without me once asking for help. They saw that I needed help, and offered it, unprompted. I'll forever remain thankful to BTR staff for their help and support in a moment of critical need on that day.

By Gopinath reddy

Happy to know Dr. De, that you had timely help of BTR Security Officer. Mr PRASAD, his team & Club House staff. Hope you are recovering fast from the freak accident. Mr PRASAD, his team & Club House Staff deserve a pat for their excellent job.

Chandrasekhar 258

That’s humanity. We are very happy to note that you are near normal now and pray God for your speedy recovery. Khudos to Prasad and his team plus club house staff for taking care of you.

Yehuda Berg

Quote: A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social web network. It's about feeling connected and responsible for what happens. Humanity is our ultimate community, and everyone plays a crucial role.

Resident of BTR

Humanity is redefined by MAK staff

Bv Nagaraju

Prof De, hope you have fully recovered from this trauma! Great crisis response and management by Prasad, Sudhakar & rest of MAK team! Gives us great confidence.

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